Bridal Makeup | All You Need To Know

Bridal Makeup | All You Need To Know

Want to look your best on this special day but don’t want to overdo it?

Don’t stress I am here to help. Just read this through and you will be all zipped up and ready.

Most brides desire a look that is completely different from their everyday look. They want a makeup scheme which is both effective and versatile – something that makes them stand out without overdoing it.

If you are one of those brides who desire a makeup look that is not too garish nor too simplistic, climb on board as we take you through some of the best tips and tricks to help you look your best on your special day!

Makeup Artist

It is imperative that you find the right makeup artist, preferably an experienced one.

Choose a makeup artist who can come up with a wedding makeup combination that synchronizes perfectly with your skin tone, your attire, your wedding style, and your wedding theme.

For instance, if you have bigger eyes and a smaller mouth, your makeup artist should choose to highlight your mouth by going for a brighter shade of lipstick and should go for a more muted and nude look for your eye area to give a balanced look.

Moreover, if you have darker skin tone, you should go for a highlighted and luminous look and choose lip shades which are a bit on the side of maroon and plum to get the best look.

Overall, your makeup artist should be well equipped to pull out such make up tricks from up their sleeve to complement our look in the best possible way.


When organizing a wedding, timing is everything!

So it is important to plan ahead to book your makeup artist.

You should book a makeup artist around four to five months before your wedding to get the ideal timeframe for planning and execution. Also, you should also book your makeup artist both for the wedding day as well as for a few trial runs about two to three months beforehand to choose and decide upon your best makeup look for your wedding.

wedding calendar marked with the important dates

If you can have the attire ready as well during the trial runs, then you can get a feel of what you will look like on your big day, Moreover, putting on the attire during the trail runs can help your makeup artist understand the look that best goes with the color of your attire and your choice of jewelry to give you the best amalgamated look for your wedding day.

Planning ahead can save you both stress and time on your big day.

The complete package

Another time-saving decision to go for is to choose the complete bridal makeup package from one place.

There are salons and often individual makeup artists representing some salons offer full special package deals that include everything from face makeup, hairdo, pedicures, manicures, waxing, threading, facials, spas, etc.

These packages will not only help you save time and money by going for an all-inclusive makeover but also save you the hassle of choosing different people for different services.

Lord knows you have plenty to do before your wedding, so making smart decisions and strategizing on the best and easiest possible outcomes can help you get ahead with your wedding planning with ease.

Consider these when choosing wedding makeup

Getting the right wedding look can be tricky so there are a number of factors you should take into consideration when choosing the right makeup for your wedding.

The first thing to consider is the theme of the wedding because theme weddings are an absolute rage right now. If you prefer a classical or traditional wedding theme then go for a more classic look with a wholesome eye makeup accentuated by Kohl, harmonized by loud yet composed red lips and brought together by a healthy glow-inducing highlight.

indian bride wearing a red saree and lots of gold jewelry

If you’re going for a more contemporary wedding theme, then opt for a balance between simplicity and grandeur by either highlighting the eyes or the lips, never both. In case you have a hankering for smoky eyes then choose a subtle shade of lipstick and eyeshadow, preferably something nude or taupe.

The best way to optimize your look and strike a balance between gaudy and minimal is to opt for coral shades which are one of the best options for Indian weddings as they go well with the Indian skin tone and the usual red attire.

If you prefer natural makeup for your eyes, you can go for pink, orange, mauve, etc. depending on your skin tone.

Another important aspect to consider is the time of the year when your wedding is to take place.


If it is wintertime, then go for a slight blending of foundation to cover up your pores, highlight your eyes for a wide-eyed gaze, choose a smoky eye for that deep, desirable look, indulge in the mascara for a wide-eyed flutter, go for a deeper to subtle tinge on your cheeks to accentuate your cheekbones, and choose a heatedly popping lip colour because its winter and you can!


If it’s a monsoon wedding then make sure all your make up products are waterproof and smudge proof. Moreover, you can opt for oil absorbing powder and matt finish or powder matt lipstick for a longer lasting tint.


During summer go easy on the bronzer and let the natural sunshine add glow to your face. Keep your makeup minimal and muted for that naturalized and effortless look.

Most importantly, you should make sure that the makeup you’re planning to use is of good quality. Using good quality makeup can help you avoid unwanted messes and unanticipated disasters on your D day. It’s your wedding, so go ahead and splurge a bit!

Pick Your Style

There are no rules here. You can wear whatever style of bridal that you want to wear. There are a plethora of bridal makeup styles – from light, natural, and classy to dark, intense, and sultry.

shy indian bride in her wedding attire

The former involves a simplistic makeup style whereas the latter style involves the use of dark colors beautifully contrasting with rich shades. It is always best to let the professionals decide which shade and style of makeup go best with your complexion, skin type, wedding style etc.

Don’t just look good, smell good

As a bride, you don’t just want to look your best but also smell your best. Even though perfumes are the standard choice to make a bride smell good, essential oils can do the trick just as well, if not better.

Why spend a fortune on a Dior bottle when you can go straight to the source?

lavender oil in a bottle next to lavender blossoms

Costly perfumes are the naturally extracted essential oils like lavender, rosemary, lily or jasmine. These essential oils are stronger smelling and longer lasting. Not to mention the fact that they do not contain any alcohol, unlike most perfumes, so they do not irritate the skin and blend easily in any kind of skin type.

Most importantly, essential oils are much cheaper than most branded perfumes out there. So go ahead, indulge in the essential oil smells of your choice on your D day.

For that flawlessly sculpted look

If you are one of those women who struggle with open pores, then primer is your best friend.

Primer creates an additional layer on top of your skin which evens out the skin tone by closing pores and giving a visibly smooth texture to your skin. Primer is predominantly used to help makeup last longer and to cover up blemishes.

But why choose a pricey primer when you can choose the next best alternative?


Yes, you heard that right!

Aftershave can do everything that a primer can do – give you a flawless, smooth look, make your make up last longer and even help you blend your makeup with ease.

Moreover, it can impart a cool and refreshing sensation that a primer cannot accomplish. When going for an aftershave, go for a gel based one and do a patch test on a part of your skin before applying to your face.

Foundation or concealer?

Most people tend to buy both foundation and concealer when the truth is, you need only one.

You can use a foundation to conceal the darker areas – around eyes, below the nose, or chin area – or you can use your concealer with your regular day cream to use it as a foundation.

All you have to make sure is that the color of your foundation or your concealer matches your skin tone perfectly.

Use cinnamon powder as a lip filler

Want naturally pouty and blooming lips on your wedding? Use cinnamon powder to naturally plump up your lips. Just mix cinnamon powder or cinnamon oil into the lip balm that you’re planning to use as a base for your lipstick on your wedding day, and you’re all set with plump and pouty lips.

Increase makeup longevity

After spending hours getting that perfect makeup look, you need a spray to set it so that it remains intact and beautiful for a long time. A bottle of rose water can work wonders to only set your makeup but also to impart a dewy glow to your skin.

The hydrating and soothing properties of rosewater can keep your makeup fresh for a long time, saving you from any makeup faux pas on your wedding day.

Now that you have some ideas on what kind of makeup style to choose on your big day, go ahead and pamper yourself. As a bride to be it is your moral obligation to look your best and stand out from the crowd on your wedding day. After all, taking his breath away isn’t enough, you’ve also got to take everyone else’s breath away with your sheer gorgeousness.

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